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Sanlam EVP

Realise your worth with Sanlam

Sanlam is a company built on a respect for what people are worth and an appreciation for what they can become.

This is why we give each and every person who works at Sanlam the opportunity to make the most of who they are and to be recognised, respected and rewarded for what they’re worth.

We inspire people to realise their worth.

This is our commitment to employees.

This is what makes us WealthsmithsTM.


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Living your passion

We are WealthsmithsTM and if you work for us, you work for a company that wants to make a positive difference to the lives of the communities in which it operates, but most importantly to the lives of its staff.

Work-life balance

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Work-life balance

While we are driven to excel, we know that balance is crucial to the well-being of our employees. The amount of money we make or hours we work will never be the sole measure of our success. We are therefore fair and flexible in our expectations and offer a range of ways for our staff to manage the balance of work and life and ultimately realise their worth.

  • Flexibility

    The need for flexible working practices, to accommodate family responsibilities and other domestic arrangements, is appreciated across the Sanlam Group. Some parts of the business provide the opportunity for flexible arrangements where this can be done without hindering the business objectives.



  • Convenience

    At Sanlam we provide a working environment which is safe and comfortable, with the added benefit of a few convenience services. Most of our main sites have onsite staff canteens and vending machines for refreshments. Some sites offer the added convenience of a shuttle/bus service and prayer facilities. At Head Office, which accommodates more than 4500 employees, convenience services include a mall at work with numerous outlets, as well as a wellness centre.



  • Wellness

    Our comprehensive wellness programme, the Sanlam Be Well Programme, offers a variety of wellness initiatives aimed at helping employees lead balanced lives. These initiatives include a wellness website, weekly e-mailers, annual health screenings, psycho-social counselling and more. Sanlam sponsorships such as the Sanlam Cape Mile, Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, as well as the Cape Town Corporate Games, create additional opportunities for employees to get active and collaborate.