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Short Description
Current OpportunitiesCoZa Slices Career Opportunities
Become part of Sanlam’s Vision. Sanlam’s collaborative environment allows you to realise your full potential through various opportunities. Sharing of knowledge and helping others to learn and grow is part of our work ethos.
3/26/2019 8:29 AMMariette van Wyk (SPF)
Career OpportunitiesCoZa Slices Careers
Irrespective of whether you’re starting your career or you’re an experienced professional, Sanlam offers opportunity in many diverse fields including accounting, actuarial science, investments, legal, IT and many more.
10/21/2019 11:33 AMBianca Snyman (SPF)
Employee TestimonialsCoZa Slices
We asked a few of our staff members to share their thoughts on working at Sanlam. Here’s what they had to say:
2/1/2017 10:28 AMMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Financial AdvisersCoZa Slices Career Opportunities
Join Sanlam Financial Advisers (SFA) and become part of our professional adviser network. As Wealthsmiths™ Sanlam is dedicated to making the most of every rand given to us and if you’re a highly motivated individual with a healthy mix of independence, passion and drive you may have all the characteristics required to represent Sanlam.
4/10/2017 10:22 AMCarola Carstens
How We RecruitCoZa Slices Career Opportunities
Sanlam’s recruitment and selection processes are aligned with the Sanlam Group’s Employment Equity Policy and other relevant legislation.
2/1/2017 10:51 AMMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Learnerships for People with DisabilitiesCoZa Slices Career Opportunities
As an equal opportunities company we believe in giving people with disabilities a fair chance to pursue a successful career. Learnership programmes positively empower and help redress the balance of the skills deficit prevalent in South Africa.
3/9/2017 12:55 PMMartin Laubscher (SPF)
Sanlam Broker DistributionCoZa Slices Career Opportunities
Join Sanlam Broker Distribution and become part of a dynamic, innovative and high-performance distribution channel, committed to the value of independent intermediated advice and long-term relationships between brokers and their clients.
8/1/2017 12:44 PMCharne Thompson(SPF)
Vacation Work Development ProgrammeCoZa Slices
10/23/2015 10:34 AMMartin Laubscher (SPF)