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Sanlam Disability Cover

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No one wants to think about suffering a disability, let alone the realities of living with one. But when you become disabled – permanently or temporarily – your life changes completely. In addition to the emotional impact on yourself and loved ones, there is the added financial pressure to cover the costs of missed work days, treatment, home alterations, and more.

Why do you need disability cover?

Disability cover is a core need and an essential benefit in your risk portfolio. It protects you and your loved ones against the risk of losing the ability to earn an income due to illness or injury, and covers the extra costs of living with an impairment, even if you’re still able to work.

That's why our Sanlam Disability Cover benefits cover occupational disability as well as a comprehensive list of impairment events, offering you financial support when you need it most.

Sanlam Disability Cover offers these value-added features*:

Extended Occupational Disability Cover

A first in the market, this feature offers up to 12 months protection in the case that you stop working for reasons other than retirement, such as retrenchment or a sabbatical.

Temporary Incapacity Cover for Accidental and Non-accidental Causes

Get protection against the risk of health events that are not necessarily permanent, but will leave you unable to work for an extended period. We pay 10% of the cover amount without proof of loss of income – another first in the market.

Prosthesis Booster

An additional percentage payout for certain claim events to enable you to regain as much of your independence as possible.

Built-in Child Cover

Income protection in the event that your child falls ill or is seriously injured.

Boosted Payouts

A 100% payout boost afforded to various impairment events.

Built-in Future Cover for Young Lives

Young lives purchasing standalone occupational disability have the option to apply for an equivalent amount of life cover before the age of 35 on certain life events. Life cover will be free of medical underwriting or will simply require a declaration of good health.

Benefit Add-ons

All benefits are available with a Whole Life option, providing value cover in retirement for proper peace of mind. Given the rise of conditions like dementia, the Sanlam Protector Umbrella Trust option provides upfront consent for claims to be paid into the Sanlam Protector Umbrella Trust in the event you have lost your legal capacity to act at the time of a claim.

We also have a comprehensive range of accidental benefits available, offering cover for injuries or disabilities incurred in an accident.

*Availability will depend on the benefit you choose.

For more information on Sanlam Disability Cover, download the brochure.

Speak to your financial planner today or contact us. To get advice from one of our qualified financial planners, call us on +27 86 072 6526, or leave your number and we will call you back.

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