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Death CoverCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
Find out more about death cover for you, your spouse and your family - and the options you have.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/death_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/death_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
8/17/2015 11:10 AMCharne Thompson(SPF)
HomeCoZa Slices Retire
Lots of flexibility and choice ensures that members can tailor their benefits to their own and their family’s financial needs. It is important that you know exactly what benefits will be payable when you retire, become disabled or die.  Make good decisions today to ensure a better tomorrow!
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/retirement_and_related_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/retirement_and_related_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
8/3/2015 10:27 AMCarola Carstens
Disability CoverCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
Find out more about cover in the event of disability.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/disabilty_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/disabilty_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
10/4/2017 9:25 AMCarola Carstens
GeneralCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
Make sure you have a proper understanding of the benefits and rates of the SSUF and Group Life Insurance.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/general_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/general_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
7/13/2017 9:27 AMCarola Carstens
GovernanceCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
Find out more about the rules and conditions of the Fund and the people responsible for managing the Fund (trustees).
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/governance_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/governance_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
5/18/2018 2:02 PMCarola Carstens
Joining the CompanyCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
As a new member, you have some important choices to make concerning your retirement benefits. We provide you with the information you need and guide you on the process to be followed.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/joining_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/joining_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
9/8/2016 10:11 AMCarola Carstens
Life EventsCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
If your personal circumstances have changed recently – for example you got married, divorced or welcomed a new baby - you may wish to increase your cover. Find out what you need to do.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/life_events_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/life_events_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
9/1/2016 7:55 AMCarola Carstens
Resignation, Retrenchment, DismissalCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
If you are leaving the Company, you may wish to preserve your fund benefit. We will assist you with this important decision.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/resignation_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/resignation_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
8/19/2016 11:41 AMCharne Thompson(SPF)
Retirement BenefitsCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
Save enough while you work to provide yourself with a sufficient income to adequately cover your expenses once you have retired.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/benefits_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/benefits_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
5/6/2019 8:48 AMBianca Snyman (SPF)
Trauma CoverCoZa Slices Retirement and Benefits
Find out more about trauma insurance and the illnesses that are covered.
/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/trauma_desktop.jpg/campaigns/myretirementfund/My Retirement Fund Banner Images/trauma_desktop.jpg?RenditionID=2
4/1/2015 9:36 AMMartin Laubscher (SPF)