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Child Benefit Child Benefit

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Added protection for your child

Our comprehensive cover means there are now 81 less things for parents to worry about.

If your child was to become severely ill or injured, the last thing you’d want to worry about is money. That’s why we developed the Child: Illness & Injury Benefit, a benefit that will pay out a lump sum of up to R1m on 81 childhood ailments and injuries.

Get cover of roughly R300 000 for as little as R35 per month.

How it Works

The benefit pays a lump sum if a child suffers a defined dread disease, injury, impairment or infection.

Some examples of what’s covered include:

  • Diseases such as cancer, organ failure, Crohn’s Disease*, epilepsy and anorexia*.
  • Injuries or accidents such as head injuries, rib fractures*, gunshot wounds*, dog bites* and near-drowning.
  • Impairments, such as loss of sight, hearing, speech and loss of the use of limbs.
  • Infections, such as rabies*, tetanus*, meningitis and the Ebola* virus.

For ultimate protection your child will also be covered by our unique ICU* and catch-all* claim events.

*These are just some of the covered events unique to Sanlam's Child:Injury and Illness Benefit.

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