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Offshore investing via easily-accessible and simple solutions has become a key strategy in the local investment environment. But how do you get started?

Here are five tips to launch a hassle-free offshore investment strategy.

1. Appoint a qualified financial planner

Even with simple processes, offshore investing can be overwhelming. It is not sensible to embark on any kind of investment without involving a qualified financial planner. You need the partnership with a financial planner to help you design an investment portfolio that is tailored to your unique needs and risk profile.

2. Consider the red tape

Consider solutions and products that offer administrative ease and those that enable you to invest offshore with relatively little hassle. Legal and tax implications have to be taken into account in the planning process when investments are made in foreign currency. Tax implications not factored into the product or the planning can be costly.

3. Consider investing part of your retirement savings

If you have opted for early retirement or have been retrenched, you may want to consider investing a portion of your retirement fund offshore. You may withdraw up to a third as a lump sum on retirement or retrenchment. You could also diversify that capital by investing in foreign markets, industries and funds.

4. Choose an investment partner with a proven track record locally and abroad

Ensure that you select the right partners to help you navigate the large offshore fund universe with its many unfamiliar asset managers and funds. Your investment partner can, in fact, prove to be key to your success. Reputation and research are particularly paramount. Your investment partner should have:

  • A reputable brand
  • Experience of at least a decade
  • Strong research capability and the skill to perform a deep-dive study of funds and asset managers
  • A long-standing track record in the investment industry

“Ensure that you select the right partners to help you navigate the large offshore fund universe with its many unfamiliar asset managers and funds. Your investment partner can, in fact, prove to be key to your success.”

5. Look for transparency in the investment proposition

In a nutshell, you should consider an investment that is:

  • Well-researched
  • Offered by a provider with a good reputation and track record
  • Has good levels of feedback reporting
  • Provides you with access to information

The Glacier Offshore Investment Plan starts with a R100 000 minimum, which brings investing abroad within reach of many South African investors. It also ticks all the right boxes: diversification, simplicity, low minimums, guided solutions, taxable gains in foreign currency and liquidity. Visit the Glacier Insights website for more information or speak to your financial planner.

Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd are licensed financial services providers. Glacier International is a division of Sanlam Life Insurance Limited, a licensed financial services provider in South Africa. Navigate model portfolios are managed by Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd., a discretionary financial services provider trading as Glacier Invest FSP 770.



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