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Online Wills

Alexander Forbes Fiduciary Services – South Africa

There is no charge for a standard Alexander Forbes Fiduciary Services will. This means that you and your family can draft a standard will through Fiduciary Services with no hidden obligations. If, however, your needs are more complex a customised will can be drafted at a reasonable once off fee.

How it Works

How the online will form and process works.

Draft Your Will

Complete the online form to create your will.

How it Works

Your first step is to select either a single or joint will.

  • A Single Will is a document with one person’s instructions (will) of how to deal with his/her estate after passing away.
  • A Joint Will is a document with two (or more) people’s instructions (will) of how to deal with their estate after the death of either or both.

When drafting an online will, Alexander Forbes Fiduciary Services Limited will be the executor of the estate. An executor ensures that all debt enforceable against an estate, as well as necessary tax and administration costs are paid, and that what remains of the estate is distributed according to the terms of the will.

After completing the online will, you must print out and have the client(s) sign two (2) original documents according to the instructions stipulated in the will.

One original is for the client and the other original must be forwarded or delivered for safe-keeping to:

Alexander Forbes Fiduciary Services
Tel: +27 11 269 0000 s/b
Fax: +27 11 263 2217
Physical Address: Alexander Forbes, 115 West Street, Sandown
Postal Address: PO Box 785451, Sandton, 2146

Please also ensure that your own details and code accompany the will. It is also good practice to keep a copy of the will on file in your offices.

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