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Sanlam Investment Management Namibia

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SIM Namibia is a member of the Sanlam group and is both an originator and distributor of specialist services, investment products and solutions. It offers wholesale retirement and pension fund clients designed products across all asset classes through balanced, pooled, unitized, international and specialist investments both in the listed and unlisted space. SIM Namibia is one of the largest investment managers in the country and is a leading participant in the capital markets development with a widening offering to both individual and institutional investors.

With improved market conditions, a well balanced structured team, a reliable investment platform, SIM Namibia has once again embedded its commitment to Namibia delivering top half performance for its clients in the managed, pooled and collective investments area.

With this year marking 10 years of investment management presence in Namibia, our entrenched values and commitment to this country has been growing from strength to strength with a current total assets under management of just over the N$10 billion mark. An associate of Sanlam Limited, the second largest financial services group on the continent, the company is part of a legacy that started in 1918 with the formation of Sanlam, the life assurance company.

SIM Namibia provides investment portfolio management services to both institutions and individuals. Our extensive institutional client base includes Sanlam Namibia; the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF); other retirement funds; insurance companies; medical aid funds and corporate funds. Our pride is further enhanced by the fact that we are still the largest single investor in Namibian Government Bonds.

Our vision is to become the leader in investment management. This vision further is grounded on the values we embrace:

  • To be passionate about everything we do
  • To be transparent as we work with other people’s money
  • To be innovative in the client solutions we offer


Our core values are fundamental to the success of this mission and are reflected in our investment philosophy.

Investment Philosophy

We are an active, pragmatic value-based investment house, and believe superior returns are generated through:

  • a systematic, disciplined & focused research driven process, which is fundamental to identifying mispriced securities;
  • decisions taken in an atmosphere of constructive challenge and individual accountability, supported by leading edge systems and technology; and
  • the construction of diversified, risk-adjusted portfolios, and active exploitation of pricing anomalies.


Investment Process

The investment process can be broken down into four main phases, as follows:

  • Analysis
  • Interpretation, debate and challenge
  • Portfolio construction and
  • Implementation


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Namibians, At Your Service

SIM Namibia has taken the lead in empowering Namibians in the successful running of the Namibian operations. With a total of 29% of the company now owned by Namibians at a broad based level, SIM Namibia boasts impeccable empowerment credentials via its relationship with the union based Labour Investment Holdings and empowerment consortium Tutunge Investment Holdings.

In collaboration with our major shareholder, Sanlam Investment Management (South Africa), we have managed to successfully transfer skills, systems and processes to the Namibian office, managed by Namibians. The Namibian office currently performs the following functions on all Namibian mandated portfolios:

  • Investment process
  • Research and analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Portfolio administration


External Interface

  • Client reporting
  • Client & information management
  • Business Development


Business support

  • Information technology
  • Human resources development and training
  • Legal & compliance


Our company is structured along these lines to deliver with optimum efficiency the kind of service our clients deserve. We have a strong team of passionate professionals who have instant access to experts in our London and Cape Town offices, as well as to specialists in relevant fields all over the world. This implies that in terms of investment performance we are geared to go beyond our clients expectations. We are serious about our contribution to equitable business practices, notably regarding our working relationship with our most important asset - our people. The principle of employment equity, in particular, is such an important matter to us that it is currently one of Sanlam Group’s key strategic issues.


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Risk Management and Controls

Managing risk for reward is our core skill. This key success factor differentiates us from our competitors. Financial risk management and world-class research drive our investment decisions.

As part of the Sanlam Group, Sanlam Investment Management (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd has access to risk management techniques that are accepted worldwide as the benchmark in measuring and managing investment-portfolio-related risks.

The purpose of risk management is to identify where the risk budget can be applied to provide the greatest opportunity to enhance returns. To achieve this objective ahead of the general market forms an integral part of the investment process. For this reason the risk management team has a close working relationship with the investment decision-makers. Our goal is to enhance the investment process through informed decision-making. Optimising returns at an acceptable level of risk helps to ensure that compensated risks are eliminated.

International Capabilities

Our international investment team follows a multi-manager approach, which is founded on the supposition that no single organisation has a monopoly on all the top skills or all the best risk-adjusted performance prospects. The team is based in London, which allows its members to liaise directly with international investment management organisations. Because managers are continuously assessed for merit, we maintain no formal affiliations. Our international approach is independent of any bias, aiming instead to reduce incompetent managers to maximise the diversification benefits from their different excess return streams. A systematic and disciplined process enables us to research and monitor hundreds of international managers on a continuous basis.

We apply proven, sophisticated systems to analyse such data and then to construct a portfolio of different managers for each product to achieve the required level of diversification.


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Highly Competitive Products

Sanlam Investment Management Namibia is both an originator and distributor of specialist services, investment products and solutions.

To our wholesale retirement fund clients we offer custom designed products such as:

  • Balanced portfolios
  • Specialised investment portfolios
  • Asset liability matching
  • Active and passive investment products
  • International multi-manager investment portfolios
  • Development capital investments
  • Multi-managed investments
  • Fixed Benchmark range


To our wholesale clients outside the retirement fund sector we provide:

  • Cash management
  • Tax management
  • Index tracking


Our retail offering comprises:

  • Private portfolio management
  • Stock broking
  • Offshore funds


We have one of the finest investment teams in Southern Africa and are perfectly positioned to manage the new wave of specialist mandate investment portfolios. To this end, we have created specialist investment teams in line with global trends to serve as building blocks for portfolio development.

This gives us the necessary flexibility to address your investment requirements with a degree of precision not possible when using a traditional approach to asset management.

Our independent compliance team monitors all decisions to conform to statutory requirements, internal policies and client investment mandates, thereby ensuring legitimacy of all actions.


Sanlam Investment Management (Namibia) (Pty) Ltd is committed to Namibia and its people.

Sanlam is deeply aware of how vital the sociopolitical environment is to the success of its business, and has a focused social strategy in place, supported by a corporate social investment programme. We take great pride in offering you an investment capability that is international in performance potential yet essentially Namibian. Our commitment to increasing your assets mirrors our wider commitment to one of Africa’s success stories.

We are dedicated to transform the face of our supplier base without compromising the quality of products and services. The objectives as stated in the Financial Sector Charter (FSC) have always formed the basis of our procurement principles and we are fully committed to meeting and exceeding these.

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Sanlam Investment Management Namibia (Pty) Ltd Reg no 99/107
4th Floor, Sanlam Centre
154 Independence Avenue
Windhoek Namibia

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P.O. Box 23081


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