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Sanlam Investment Management: Kenya

SIM Kenya is a member of the Sanlam group and caters for a wide range of investment options that include balanced investment portfolios, specialist portfolios, equities, bonds, money market portfolios, pooled portfolios and international investments. Its clients include insurers, medical schemes, parastatals, corporates and high net-worth individuals.

About Us

At Sanlam Investment Management Kenya, we believe in investment through simplicity, not complexity. Our pursuit of excellence underscores everything we do - from our world-class methodology and research, to the people who choose to work with us. Our every move is guided by our company values:

  • Transparency
  • Passion
  • Innovation


Every member of staff is driven to deliver the best service in the industry. We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways of growing your investments; we’ll always speak to you in a language you understand; and our relationship with you will be fully transparent.

Our diversified and growing client base includes retirement funds, long- and short-term insurers, medical schemes, parastatals, companies, and individuals, in particular high income and high net-worth individuals.

Our Culture

We believe a professional, but informal work environment is conducive to a culture within which most investment management professionals would feel comfortable enough to exploit their own potential to the full. As an entrepreneurial organisation, we actively encourage dialogue about business and investment issues and support, within reason, experimentation and risk taking. This, we believe, makes culture rather significant in the world of investment management as it allows individual flair to flourish.

Investment Philosophy

We are an active, pragmatic value-based investment house, and believe superior returns are generated through:

  • a systematic, disciplined & focused research driven process, which is fundamental to identifying mispriced securities;
  • decisions taken in an atmosphere of constructive challenge and individual accountability, supported by leading
  • edge systems and technology; and
    the construction of diversified, risk-adjusted portfolios, and active exploitation of pricing anomalies.


Investment Process

The investment process can be broken down into four main phases, as follows:

  • Analysis;
  • Interpretation, debate and challenge;
  • Portfolio construction; and
  • Implementation


Primary research, hard work and extensive travel

Our investment professionals do not rely on broker research, but do their own research with assistance from broker documentation and news flows. We regularly visit the management of target and actual investments and also undertake plant visits where necessary.


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Our investment professionals are highly skilled individuals, who have a track record in their individual capacities. Part of the success of our team is due to its relatively small size, which enables it to focus more easily on undiscovered opportunities and remain more nimble in decision-making.

Investment Options

Our investment platform caters for a wide range of investment options. These can be structured to suit a client's risk profile and preferences. We provide the following products within the scope of investment management.

  • Balanced Investment Portfolios
  • Specialist Portfolios
  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Money market portfolios
  • Pooled Portfolios
  • International Investments


These portfolios are aimed at the institutional market and in-keeping with global best practice, the underlying assets within the portfolios are registered in the name of the client and held in safe custody by a custodian. In terms of client agreements, the custodian bank takes full responsibility for the safeguarding of the assets.

International Capabilities

Our international investment team follows a multi-manager approach, which is founded on the supposition that no single organisation has a monopoly on all the top skills or all the best risk-adjusted performance prospects. The team is based in London, which allows its members to liaise directly with international investment management organisations. Because managers are continuously assessed on merit, we maintain no formal affiliations. Our international approach is independent of any bias, aiming instead to reduce incompetent managers to maximise the diversification benefits from their different excess return streams. A systematic and disciplined process enables us to research and monitor hundreds of international managers on a continuous basis.


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Contact Us

Physical address

Sanlam Investment Management Kenya Limited
9th Floor, The Citadel
Muthithi Road

Postal address

P.O. Box 7848
Nairobi 00100


+254 20 374 8340


+254 20 374 8306