Table of Stakeholders

Stakeholder group Specific stakeholders Examples of engagement methods


Shareholders/Investors There is ongoing interaction between our senior executives and shareholders and investors through our:
  • Investor Relations Department*
  • Annual General Meeting and
  • Annual Report Shareholder national road-show
  • Investor presentations and
  • road-shows (twice per year)
  • Analyst Days (once per year)
  • One-on-one meetings between investors and senior Group executives
  • Investor Perception Audits conducted on our behalf by a third party (Brunswick, in 2008*)

*For the eighth time since its listing in 1998, the Investment Analysts Society of Southern Africa voted Sanlam as the best communicator to its shareholders in the Financial – Life Assurance and Insurance Sector of the JSE in 2008.
Regulatory bodies We cooperate with a wide range of regulatory bodies to help shape industry policy and improve industry-wide practices and oversight mechanisms, through:
  • Advisory groups
  • Task forces
  • Commissions of enquiry
Government We cooperate with government advisory groups on an ongoing basis to help shape public policy – such as on the formulation of the principles for the proposed new National Social Security Scheme.


NGOs & universities We have long-term partnerships with a number of credible NGO’s – such as the World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa (WWF) – and universities, such as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Cape Town and University of the Western Cape.
Industry associations
We contribute actively to the development and implementation of key regulations that affect the industry through various industry associations:
  • Association for Savings and Investments (ASISA) (of which our Group Chief Executive is the current Chairman)
  • Business Unity SA (BUSA)
  • National Business Initiative NBI)
Communities We engage with various community groups through:
  • Our community-based sponsorship initiatives.
  • Our CSI department and the many CSI projects that we support
  • The Ubuntu-Botho Community Development Trust, which invests in developmental projects for the benefit of impoverished communities.

Business partners

BEE partners We have regular contact with our Ubuntu-Botho partners and consult them about appropriate financial solutions for the emerging market through:
  • Our Group Account Manager: Ubuntu-Botho, who plays a co-ordination role with the empowerment group
  • A number of Sanlam/Ubuntu-Botho Provincial Advisory Boards that operate as a cross-selling platform
  • A Shareholder National Road-show at which Sanlam business units are given the opportunity to share their new products and opportunities with Ubuntu-Botho and other shareholders
  • The Sanlam/Ubuntu-Botho Annual Conference, which aims to identify a series of actions to ensure that the relationship continues to work well.
Employees We communicate regularly with our employees through:
  • Employee performance appraisal sessions
  • Monthly ‘Headway’communication and other communiqués from the Group Chief Executive
  • Executive management feedback sessions
  • Sandaba internal newsletter
  • Intranet
  • Employee satisfaction/climate surveys
Intermediary sales agents/brokers We communicate regularly with our intermediaries through:
  • Our network of Broker Consultants, who maintain regular contact with all Sanlam-accredited brokers
  • ‘Tempo’, our monthly product-focused newsletter for intermediaries
  • Regular broker forums, seminars and awards programmes
Retirement fund trustees We communicate with our pension fund trustees through a number of mechanisms, including:
  • ‘Insight’, our monthly newsletter for pension fund trustees
  • Trustee training sessions for pension fund trustees
Suppliers We conduct annual supplier workshops and prescribe certain BEE criteria in our Sanlam procurement policies


Policyholders and investment clients We interact with our clients on an ongoing basis through:
  • Our network of field force advisers
  • Regular correspondence, newsletters and our website
  • Customer feedback mechanisms such as our customer service department and client contact centres
  • Our Internal Ombudsman
  • Customer satisfaction surveys