Sanlam Trust

A fully-fledged trust company, Sanlam Trust offers expert management of deceased solvent estates and living and testamentary trusts. Sanlam Trust will help you set up your will and trust deed; store your will safely and act as executor of your estate and trustee of your trust.

Sanlam Trust offers the following services:

It enables you to select your heirs and also allows you to choose the executor of your estate. But, above all, it represents financial peace of mind to those you leave behind.
Each person’s assets, family and goals are unique and the administration of an estate can be a highly technical and complex process, which may appear cumbersome to the uninformed.

Estate Administration

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Each person’s needs are individual and unique and your trust should be planned to meet your specific requirements.
Section 37C of the Pension Funds Act No. 24 of 1956 governs the allocation of the benefit due as a result of the death of a retirement fund member.

Beneficiary Fund

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The Guardian Trust is a safe alternative to the Guardian Fund of the Master of the High Court.

Guardian Trust

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