Retirement Annuities

Due to the effects of inflation, most of us will barely survive on our retirement money. Unless we protect both our capital and returns and this is what a Retirement Annuity can do for you.

Apart from the tax advantages you get on your contributions, portfolio growth and your final pay-out, the Retirement Annuity also offers other great features and benefits:

  • a large range of possible investment funds
  • the flexibility to invest in more than one investment fund at a time
  • a choice of multiple investment funds
  • the flexibility to switch between them at any time
  • the flexibility to inject extra lump sums over and above your monthly contributions or lump sum investment
  • of continuing your contributions if you change jobs, and
  • a choice of pension plans when you retire.

You may add regular contribution increases to make sure that the value of your retirement provision is not affected by increases in the cost of living. And if you die, the prevailing value of your Retirement Annuity can be paid directly to your dependants or nominated beneficiaries.

Stratus Retirement Annuity Fund

When you invest in the Stratus Retirement Annuity, you may choose from a comprehensive range of different investment funds.

Stratus International Retirement Annuity

Taking a portion of one's money offshore is more than just a means of spreading your risk. It is also one of the best ways to stop the erosion of the rand value of your savings and investments. Taking it one step further – saving for your retirement in an offshore retirement annuity – makes even more sense, especially for those without access to a pension fund.

Stratus Linked Retirement Annuity

The Stratus Linked Retirement Annuity are linked investments that the Sanlam Linked Retirement Annuity Fund uses to finance the benefits that they must pay to its members.