Sanlam Growth Market

The increasing demands of responsibility, security and wealth creation for the future mean that different people have different financial needs. We understand this and can provide the right solutions for your needs. With Market range of solutions, a Sanlam adviser or broker will show you how to manage your money so that you can plan ahead for your future financial needs and you might also fit in your short-term needs. All it takes is sound financial advice and a tailor-made solution. We're thinking ahead. Are you?

We offer you the following solutions:

Personal cover

Even though you want to secure your family's future you still want to give them the quality of life that they deserve today. You still want to be able to buy your children those brand name shoes they want so badly, treat your partner to a dinner out, and take them all on a family holiday. How happy would it make you, if you could protect your family's needs without cutting back on what they deserve?


You work hard and you want to enjoy your money. Today. And even though you know you should start saving for your financial future, you feel that you don't have enough to create the lifestyle you deserve, let alone put money aside for a day that still feels a long way away. You still have that house to pay off, that well-dressed reputation to protect, an engagement ring to buy and restaurants to try out. How happy would it make you, if you could make provision for your future and live the life you want today?


Even though you want to grow your wealth, you don't want to compromise what you have today. You still want to be able to enjoy an annual holiday, send your son to university and look at getting that 4 x 4. How happy would it make you, if you could improve your financial status without sacrificing your current standard of living?

Home loans

Creating wealth touches every aspect of our clients' personal finances – including home loans.

Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Sanlam has the expertise and the experience to help you draw up a will or a trust and plan your estate, so you don't have to wade through the complications on your own.

Short Term Insurance

Rest insured, whether you have personal, corporate, commercial, agricultural or even more specialised needs, we offer you custom-made packages in cooperation with Santam, the leader in short-term insurance.