Sanlam Hospital Cash Back Plan

No one can afford to get sick! Getting medical help – even for minor illnesses – costs money. It could also mean time off work, extra transport costs, arranging for someone to look after the children and potentially no income for a period of time.

The Sanlam Hospital Cash Back Plan will ensure that you can take better care of yourself and still provide money to your family if you have to stay in hospital.

The plan contributes towards medical expenses you may incur while you – or a family member – are in hospital, caters for a loss of income if you are unable to work and provides a cash payout should you become mentally or physically disabled.

Let us worry about the finances while you take time out to get better.

Click here to view the Sanlam Hospital Cash Back Plan brochure. (PDF, 259Kb).

For more details on the Sanlam Hospital Cash Back Plan, please call our Client Contact Centre on 0861 235 433.