Sanlam Sky Solutions

At Sanlam Sky Solutions, we make it our job to know and understand your financial needs, no matter what they are. Because it is our goal to understand your unique requirements, we offer you a wide range of simple and affordable financial solutions for:

Funeral Insurance

Death is inevitable, and it is important to be prepared to provide a loved one with a dignified farewell. We are there to help make this very difficult time easier when it comes to funeral costs, through the prompt payout of your policy.

Savings for Education

SYou want to give your children a fair chance in life. Nothing gives a child a better opportunity for a successful future than a good education. However, education is expensive, so it is wise to start saving early, with an education policy.

Long-Term Retirement Savings

For most of your life you work hard to earn a living. You want to retire with peace of mind to enjoy the rest of your golden years, knowing that you are financially cared for. A retirement annuity can help you achieve this goal.

Medium to Long-Term Savings

At some point in your life, you will have to save money for a short- or medium-term goal, whether it is for a business opportunity or buying that ring for your fiancée. Invest your savings with us and we will help you achieve that goal...

Hospital Cash Back Plan

Your health is precious, but you never know when you could become ill or need an operation. An illness could also mean loss of income to you and your family, and extra costs in other areas. Our Hospital Cash Back Plan helps you to be better prepared.

Life Cover

Unexpected things happen. That is why it is so important to be prepared. Life cover will assure the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones will be financially cared for after your death.

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