Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Insurance

From R112 per month, Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Insurance provides for the difference between what your medical aid pays and the rates charged by medical specialists.

In certain cases the cost for in-hospital procedures or outpatient treatment may exceed the base medical aid rate by 5-times. By taking out Sanlam Medical Gap Cover Insurance, you ensure that you and your family aren’t left with a large excess amount to settle.

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Medical Scheme Solutions

Do you hope that the medical scheme you choose will be right for you? Do you hope that your benefits will last until the end of the year? Do you hope that you're not paying too much?

Your financial planner can help you. Our planners partner with specialist healthcare advisers who will assist you to fulfil your healthcare needs by providing you with quality medical scheme solutions. We can help you find the best solution that fits into your overall financial plan.

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