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Sanlam Capital Markets (SCM)

Sanlam Capital Markets Proprietary Limited (“SCM”) was formed as a result of the restructuring by Sanlam Limited (“Sanlam”)of Gensec Bank Limited and Genbel Securities Limited (“Genbel Securities”) in late 2002 and early 2003.

While the banking licence was returned to the South African Reserve Bank (“SARB”) during the restructuring, the extensive financial engineering capabilities throughout the business have largely been retained in SCM. In 2005, SCM was incorporated into Sanlam’s Investment Cluster which is inclusive of SCM, Sanlam Investment Management, Sanlam Private Investments, Sanlam Private Equities and other key business units (the “Sanlam’s Investment Cluster”).

SCM is a niche capital markets operation, concentrating on providing debt and equity financial engineering solutions to clients. It also focuses on specific synergies with other businesses in the Sanlam group and gives the Sanlam group a substantial financial engineering capability.

SCM has two broad focus areas, namely on balance sheet finance business and alternative investment business.