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For Individuals

Because we feel so strongly about the fact that you're an individual, we offer you a full spectrum of products and services so we can put together a tailor-made portfolio for you.

Savings and Investments

Whatever your financial goals might be, we offer you a wide range of savings and investment packages so you can watch your money grow.


Saving for retirement is easy, but saving enough to maintain your living standard after you stop working, can be a challenge. Let us help you be prepared.

Personal Cover

It's vital to be prepared for the unexpected - you can rest assured with our life- and disability insurance packages.

Personal Loans

From time to time, we all need a financial boost. When you do, it makes sense to turn to someone you already trust with your finances.


Start saving now for your child's education with one of our education plans.

Short Term Insurance

We cover all your insurance needs from home contents insurance to car insurance.

Medical Schemes

Find the best medical scheme solution to suit your individual needs.

Wealth Management

Sanlam Private Investments is a holistic, integrated wealth management business that provides advice and manages assets for high net worth private individuals and their families in South Africa, the UK, Western Europe and Australia.

Wills, Trusts, Estate administration and Beneficiary fund

Sanlam has the expertise and the experience to help you draw up a will or a trust and plan your estate, so you don't have to wade through the complications on your own.

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